This is conducting my choir


I am Giulio De Carlo, born in 1981 in Catanzaro, Italy. I am a flutist,

a  choir director a composer of classical music,

mostly for a cappella or accompained choir.

As a self-taught, over the years I have relentlessly sought to improve my skills, devoting myself to deepening

my knowledge and understanding of classical music (especially choral).

From 2002 to 2015 I was actively involved with the

Polyphonic Choir S.Antonio, as a flutist and singer,

supervising the musical formation of the vocal group.

Since 2015 I am the Director of the Polyphonic Choir Singing Cluster.

In 2017, I composed original soundtracks for two tragedies

(Euripides’ Medea and a reinterpretation of Aeschylus’ Prometheus), commissioned by the Teatro di Calabria, Aroldo Tieri.

During 2018 and 2019 I collaborated with the Euridice Polyphonic Choir (based in Bologna, Italy,

and conducted by Maestro Pierpaolo Scattolin)

and with the Salt Lake Vocal Artists of Salt Lake City, Utah

(conducted by Dr. Brady Allred) for the realization of some works

for a cappella choir or accompanied by the piano.

During the same year I recorded two pieces

(one for piano solo and another for piano and violin)

thanks to the performances of the Maestro Francesco Silvestri and the Maestro Serena Mustari and I composed a piece

for the duo TWO for NEW of the Maestro Giovanni De Luca

and the Maestro Francesco Silvestri.

In 2020 I started a collaboration with Kammerchor Manila, conducted by Anthony Go Villanueva, for the realization of a song for SATB divisi

(First snow).

I also began a collaboration with lyricist Charles Anthony Silvestri

for the composition of a piece for mixed choir, piano and percussions (Forgotten).

In 2021 I started a collaboration with the argentine composer Santiago Veros.

In June 2021 I began to collaborate with the Coro Giovanile della Calabria, conducted by Maestro Gianfranco Cambareri, who commissionated the piece A riveder le stelle.

I have always carried out an intense compositional activity,

both in the instrumental and vocal fields,

producing numerous original works performed in various

cultural and musical events.


Awards and honors

On 28 December 2019 I won the third place in the XVI national competition of composition of Christmas carols in Calabrian vernacular organized by the Organizazzione Cori Calabria, with the piece U pastureddhru.


In October 2020 my piece L’aquilone received a special mention in the international composition competition “Nuove musiche dalla Livenza”.

In the same month I have presented my piece O magnum mysterium during the reading session organized by the

Italian Association of Choir Directors in Assisi (Perugia).

In May 2021 my piece L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle received a special mention in the international composition competition “... a riveder le stelle” organized by the Italian Association of Choir Directors.

In June 2021 my piece The hidden garden received the Grand Prize at the USA Music Composition International Competition held by the International Youth Music Competitions - IYMC.

On 14 September 2021 my Ave Verum received a special mention at the International Ave Verum Composition Competition 2021 - Baden.

On 30 December 2021 I won the second place at the II National Competition of Composition and Elaboration of Texts and Christmas Songs in Italian organized by the Organization Cori Calabria, with the piece

Ecco, viene Natale.

In December  2021 my piece The hidden garden won the “GOLD MEDAL ABSOLUTE WINNER USA ARTISTS OF THE YEAR” at the International Music Competition held by the International Youth Music Competitions - IYMC.

On 18 February 2022 my Descendit de cælis received a special mention at the First International Choral Composition Competition of Preveza 2022.

On 11 April 2022 my Addio a Venezia received a special mention at the First International Choral Composition Competition "Bondì cara Venezia".

On 30 April 2022 my piece At Midnight won the second place

(first prize not awarded) at the Choral Composition Competition held within the fourth edition of the Vincenzo Amato - International Choral Contest.

On 18 July 2022 my piece "Hope" is the thing with feathers was selected in the call for scores for the publication

"Andci collection - cori giovanili e scolastici " published by Sonitus.