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A new piece with Charles Anthony Silvestri

For this piece I reflected on the countless individuals who have lived on this planet over the centuries, enduring diseases, natural disasters, injustices, violence, and more – people unknown to others, unheard, unloved, unprotected.

They were simply compelled to vanish, carrying their tears into the shadows.

Certainly, they would have wished for their voices to be heard, but others, and I dare say, even God Himself, seemed to prefer ignorance. Perhaps it was because they didn't care about their pain or were too focused on their own lives, disregarding the importance of another person, especially if that person was poor or ignorant.

How many people have perished without the chance to save themselves and without anyone to listen to them?

I attempted to give them a voice, a brief opportunity to convey to the world the suffering they endured, even if just for a few minutes, through a choral piece.

Description of the work

Voicing: SATB with divisi, accompained by piano and percussions

(bass drum, tubular bells and suspended cymbal)

Duration: about 3'45''

Difficulty: medium-advanced.
Text by Charles Anthony Silvestri

In shadows we stand,

in shadows standing silent, waiting forgotten.

The poor, the lonely, exiled, we stand forgotten.

Did you hear our voices when we cried to you?

Do you hear our voices now we cry?

For we are always with you; we are more kindred than you know.

For we know light and love.

Remember, will you remember?

If you are interested in performing it, contact me sending an email to

Listen to a little excerpt of the piece here

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