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My dear Life

Another collabotarion with Charles Anthony Silvestri


Dearest choir directors!

I am happy to announce my second collaboration with Charles Anthony Silvestri.

Together we are going to bring to life a new exciting work for mixed choir and strings quartet, that we called My dear Life.

The piece is about the power of the Life showing its warm light to someone who considered it to be hard to endure.

He eventually admits he was wrong and starts discovering the real meaning of Life: giving and receiving Love, in all the circumstances he comes across.

This piece is a tribute to Life, like a tender kiss that comes in silence from the depth of the soul. 
Tony Silvestri composed a moving and wonderful poem, that enriches every single note I am writing.


This work will come to life as a consortium.

I think that US$ 1500 is the right price for this piece, and it could be divided 
between 5 choirs at the cost of US$ 300 per group.

Each choir will have the opportunity to perform the world premiere and have the name of the choir/patreon in all editions of this work.

You can join the project until the consortium is completed.  

The fees may go down as more choirs join since we will divide the total value of the work among the participants.

If you want to give your choir the opportunity to sing it, or if you simply want more details, don't hesitate to contact me at
We can discuss and make arrangements.

I can't wait to collaborate with you!

Description of the work

Voicing: SATB (without divisi), accompained by a string quartet

Duration: about 5'45''

Difficulty: medium.

Listen to a short excerpt of the piece here3

Text by Charles Anthony Silvestri

My life had always felt less than whole,

And I longed for magic, mystery, meaning.

Time has worn the edges of my spirit,

Softened my pain,

Leaving my heart open.


Sorrow had blinded me

To all the blessings

Life had given me!


Think of the time I have wasted

Listening to shadows,

Sitting in the darkness

Waiting for light!


Now I can see:

Darkness and light, 

Sorrow and joy

Are but footsteps on the journey;


For love is the foundation,

Life's greatest treasure.

Love is the journey we walk together,

Hand in hand, and heart to heart.

To love another and be loved in return

Is life's greatest blessing!


Giving, receiving 

Love, life, hope, and laughter,

Thankful for my life, my breath,

For my joy, for my shadows, for my pain,

For my heart, for my blessings,

For the wisdom to always be

Thankful for Life!


I'm thankful for my dear Life!

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