Music is a pure creative act

I experience creating music as a deep need of the soul.

If I don’t compose, I feel incomplete, like something essential is missing. I must compose to find peace in my heart.

Of course, I would love for people to listen to and appreciate my music, but I need to create it even if it’s just for myself. It soothes the pain I feel in my soul when I don’t transform my feelings into new compositions.

What do you have to expect

from my music?

When I compose, I strive diligently to transpose the images, thoughts, and feelings “hidden” within the text into the harmonies of my pieces.

In essence, you’ll encounter a blend of old-style descriptive and evocative music with a contemporary flavor.

​You can find my YouTube channel here

You can view and listen to my original scores on MusicSpoke or JW Pepper Music