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Live an unforgettable experience

Choral music is something that needs mutual collaboration.

Sharing knowledge and feelings is the right way to achieve important goals in this art.

For this reason I decided to try to connect many conductors and singers in a common experience.


It's very simple!

In each experience you will know the theme of the work, the difficulty,

as well as the duration and time in which it will be written.

Each work will have your name and that of your choir in every single edition.

In addition, being the owner of the work, you can perform it as many times as you want

without paying licenses (except in discographic recordings).

Winter Stars

About the piece


I was so impressed by Sara Teasdale’s poem Winter Stars (text here) that I decided to create a music that could express its powerful and deep beauty.

When I compose, I work very hard to transpose in the armonies of my pieces the images, the thoughts and the feelings “hidden” in the text. In other words, you will have an old-style descriptive music, with a contemporary flavor.

You can find an example of what I mean watching this video:  
I composed the music for the first stanza of the poem and I tried to highlight the word 'alone' and the sorrow of the poet, using the dissonance between the third and the fourth grade of the chords multiple times.

At the same time, I used many major armonies,

to express the hope introduced in the second stanza

(But when I lifted up my head

 From shadows shaken on the snow,

I saw Orion in the east

 Burn steadily as long ago),

a glimpse at the beauty of the stars.

I plan to continue my composition with a gradual 'growth' of the music, reaching a climax with the description of a renewed hope, despite the days and the years that go away. 

I am planning to go back to the initial introspective feeling at the end of the song, but with a new – and more serene – consciousness. 

I think that my piece could help you to enrich your winter repertoire, but it can be suitable for any period of the year. I think I will be able to deliver the score 4-6 weeks after completing the consortium.


Technical file of the work

Duration: between 4 and 5 minutes.
Instrumentation: SATB with divisi 
Difficulty: Medium
Text language: English

Sheet Music Delivery Date: 4-6 weeks after completing the consortium




This work will come to life as a consortium.

I think that US$ 1500 is the right price for this piece, and it could be divided

between 6 choirs at the cost of US$ 250 per group.

Each choir will have the opportunity to perform the world premiere and have the name

of the choir/patreon in all editions of this work.

You can join the project until the consortium is completed.  

The fees may go down as more choirs join since we will divide the total value of the work among the participants. It will be a great collective experience that will unite us and

allow us to project a beautiful winter season.

If you want to participate or make a query, simply write an email to  with the subject «Winter Stars».

You can also listen to my choral music on my YouTube channel

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