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The hidden garden

A person dissatisfied with his life wishes to be taken away by Music to wonderful worlds that he hopes will be real.


The piece is performed by Salt Lake Vocal Artists, conducted by Dr. Brady Allred.


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O magnum mysterium

The mystery of an infinite God who becomes so small that he finds refuge in the womb of a young woman, the joy of discovering that Heaven has come to dwell, in silence, on earth: all this is O magnum mysterium.

The piece is performed by Lassenne Vocale, Belgium  (Ivan Yohan, conductor).


First snow

The piece describes contrasting feelings arising from the sight of the first snow of the year. First Snow is full of imagery and movement: herons flying toward warmer lands express the need for escape; the sky at sunset turning pale yellow like a withered marigold describes instead the need to surrender to winter; and the dance of reflections on the frozen pond represents the inevitable loss of the self in the contemplation of nature, which brings peace at last to the human heart.


The piece is performed by Kammerchor Manila, conducted by

sir Anthony Go Villanueva.


A riveder le stelle

The piece A riveder le stelle was commissioned by the Maestro Gianfranco Cambareri and performed by the Coro Giovanile Calabrese, for the 700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri. 

With this piece I tried to express my feelings of hope thinking about the end of all the bad moments of our Life, including the one that we all are living for over a year.

I wish you, with Dante's words, to see the stars again!

The piece is performed by the Coro Giovanile Calabrese, conducted by the Maestro

Gianfranco Cambareri.


Lights of hope

When pain and fatigue seem to take over, we must remember that the force of hope is a powerful light, able to overcome all the darkness of our lives: we are all one beating heart!


The piece is performed by the Coro Polifonico di Ruda, conducted by the Maestro

Fabiana Noro.


Secret talks between two lonely hearts

(Emperor Xuanzong dreams of meeting Yang Guifei)

I started composing this piece after I discovered the wonderful tell of the Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, from chinese history. I was very impressed by the strenght of the feeling between two people so distant because of age and of the social class, a feeling that still remain even after the death (a death unfair and cruel).

I imagined - with a lot a fantasy and letting myself be carried away by my personal feelings - what would be the power of the Emperor's love, expressed by the music he composed for Yang Guifei, a music we can't know still today.

I wanted they can meet again, in a wonderful dream, where their painful hearts could love each to other.

The piece is performed by The Gita Sekawan - SMAK Penabur 4 Choir (Jeremiah Purwoto, Artistic Director), from Jakarta, Indonesia.


Into the Orange

This composition is so special to me, because through it I can give voice to my beloved son Riccardo, a non-verbal autistic child, telling his sufferings and hopes.
"Orange" is the symbol of his own pain. You can give to this colour the name you want, thinking about your personal sorrow.

The piece is performed by the Cleveland Chamber Choir, conducted by Dr. Gregory Ristow.



This song is for my beloved children and for all the children of the world.

The piece is performed by the Coro Contrà Camolli (children's choir) under the direction of Jessica Lot.


Oceani nuovi

The song was born from the collaboration with Elisa Gastaldon, author of the beautiful text thanks to which I was able to compose my music and with the Maestro Mauro Marchetti, Conductor of the Coro Città di Roma, who beautifully interpreted the piece.



The wonderful words by Emily Dickinson have taken me into the eternity of the waters of the seas and into a world of sweetness and melancholy. 


The piece is performed by Julie Gaulke and Stanton Flemons.


Will there really be a morning?

This piece for SSAATTBB is inspired to the wonderful poem by Emily Dickinson.

I have chosen the first stanza, that contains - in my opinion - all the "desperate hope"

of the poetress, a feeling very close to the one I often feel.

You will find a language full of dissonances, hard and sweet at the same time, with several climax, until a peaceful ending.

The piece is performed by Alexandra Burch and Matthew Curtis.


She, my nostalgia

Can love be synonymous with nostalgia? Yes, if it represents the will to be at home, in the source and close to the roots of the feelings you feel towards a person.

I dedicate to my wife every single note of this song. She, my nostalgia.

The piece is performed by Julie Gaulke and Stanton Flemons.


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