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Winter and Christmas catalogue

Explore my catalogue dedicated to Winter and Christmas repertoire. 
You will find several pieces for mixed choir and treble choir.
If there is something suitable for you, don't hesitate to contact me at to make arrangements.

First snow

With your choir you can tell a sweet and melancholic experience: the need for escape, the need to surrender, the loss of the self in the contemplation of the Winter.

Voicing: SATB divisi

Score and music HERE


Nunc dimittis

My music wants to tell the deepness and the force of the prayer of Simeon, a righteous and devout man, when he saw the child Jesus into the Temple of Jerusalem.

Voicing: SATB

Score and music HERE


O Sapientia

The first of the seven major antiphons of Advent, "O Sapientia", recognizes in Jesus the impersonation of wisdom and therefore invokes his arrival in history.

Voicing: SATB divisi

Score and music HERE

O Sapientia_page-0001.jpg

O magnum mysterium

The mystery of an infinite God who becomes so small that he finds refuge in the womb of a young woman, the joy of discovering that Heaven has come to dwell, in silence, on earth: all this is O magnum mysterium.

Voicing: SATB

Score and music HERE

O magnum mysterium quadrata.jpg

Ecce Rex

This antiphon inaugurates the Novena of Christmas and presents Jesus as a King who carries on himself the yoke of our slavery. This is my chorus version.

Voicing: SATB divisi

Score and music HERE

ECCE REX_page-0001.jpg

O Adonai

O Adonai ("O Lord") is the second of the major antiphons of Advent, on whose text I wrote this piece for treble choir. Continuing the journey begun with O Sapientia, Christ is referred to the election of the Jewish people through the figure of Moses, who was the first dux ("leader") of Israel.

Voicing: SSA

Score and music HERE

O ADONAI_page-0001.jpg

Ave Maria

 This is my version for female choir of the most famous prayer dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. I wanted to communicate all the hope of the people who trust the maternal love of Mary with a romantic and sweet music, that presents also moments of force.

Voicing: SSAA 

Score and music HERE

Ave maria quadrata.jpg

Descendit de cælis

 To descend from the heavens means to abandon eternity and to encounter space-time. According to the Christian faith this is what the Son of God did "propter nos homines et nostram salutem": for us men and our salvation. My piece tries to tell this unspeakable moment.

Voicing: SSATB 

Score and music HERE


Winter Stars

 In ‘Winter Stars’ Teasdale speaks on themes of change, aging, and the universe. Through very poetic and lyrical language and diction, she describes the nature of time, its inescapability, and the sorrows it can bring. By the end of the poem though, rather than depressive, the mood is contemplative and peaceful. My music wants to be a way to express all these feelings.

Voicing: SATB divisi

Score and music HERE

Winter Stars - QUADRATA - JPG.jpg


This is my original setting of a Christmas' traditional French text (English adaptation by James Chadwick): Angels we have heard on high. With this piece I tried to express something that can be either traditional and contemporary, something that can convey joy but also desire of meditation.

Voicing: SATB divisi + two soloists

Listen to the piece HERE

Contact me at

for the score

Angels we have heard on high

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